Watch the XR Lab Documentary Series

Dive into our engaging and informative video library, where we provide valuable insights into our architectural work. These videos offer a heartfelt look at our creative process, design inspirations, and completed projects.

"The XR Lab surpassed our expectations"

Watch Nikos Savvas, the CEO of the Eastern Colleges Group, talking about the XR Lab project

How We Turned An Ordinary Lab Into a Symbol

This video showcases how we transformed an ordinary laboratory into a distinctive symbol for a higher education institution.

Designing And Building The XR Lab

Witness the journey behind the design and construction of the XR Lab, from the initial concept to the building process.

XR Lab Opening Event

This video showcases the official opening ceremony of the XR Lab, including insightful interviews with key stakeholders. It includes appearances by MP Jo Churchill and CEO Nickos Savvas.

Designing The Future of Education

This video contains insightful interviews from the key players involved in the XR Lab project.

Empowering Local Businesses: the impact of the XR Lab

Discover, from the voice of local businesses, how the XR Lab and it’s extended reality technology is positively enhancing the way enterprises thrive in a dynamic, tech-driven world