5 Tips On How To Merge Indoor And Outdoor Living Spaces

Eden House

Normally people assign only one role to outdoor living as a lounge place; however, it’s much more than that. Outdoor living space can be a home office, a dining room, a workshop, and more. But it’s important to remember that outdoor space is…

XR Lab: Where Education Meets Virtual Reality

XR Lab

Our team was thrilled to earn the opportunity to work with West Suffolk College on the XR Lab (Extended Reality Lab), which will offer the College’s students a hands-on learning facility with virtual and augmented reality at its core…

Sustainable House Of The Future

eden house

The world is crying out for greener housing. By meeting this demand, you’ll not only get ahead of the curve, but you’ll likely also get into new and greener habits before RIBA’s recommendations become government legislation…

5 Tips For Sustainable Retrofitting Of Commercial Buildings

Sustainable Retrofitting Of Commercial Buildings

Sustainability and eco-friendly are at the top of everybody’s mind right now. From media to politicians to corporates and even us, everyday citizens. A huge Climate Change conference with world leaders concluded in the UK in early November 2021, conclusions of which have kept alive the hope to keep rising temperatures at bay. Although the world is making a shift to […]