What is biophilic design and what are its benefits?

Biophilic design

The days of barren urban environments and drab buildings as homes and offices are coming to an end. As people have rediscovered the benefits of getting in touch with nature, there has been a demand to bring the outdoors indoors and to create buildings and interiors that promote physical and mental health. With biophilic design, […]

Our Projects – Eden House

sustainable luxury

Eden House, A New Standard For Sustainable Luxury Country Houses Project Summary   Location: Green Belt, near London Sector: Residential Conversion Construction Costs: £ 3,000,000 Size: 40,902 sqft Status: Work In Progress Architect: Windsorpatania Architects   Eden House is an ambitious and innovative project that is about to set a new standard for sustainable luxury country […]

Sustainable House Of The Future

eden house

The world is crying out for greener housing. By meeting this demand, you’ll not only get ahead of the curve, but you’ll likely also get into new and greener habits before RIBA’s recommendations become government legislation…

Our Projects – Youth Centre

Education Projects

Converting A Property Into A Modern And Sustainable Youth Centre Project Summary The project’s goal is to convert this property into a new Sustainable Youth Centre where all groups of children around the community can come over to do several activities and play sports. The future building has been designed to be grabbed around 2 […]