In-depth commercial architectural plans with sustainable and innovative designs

Our commercial projects are developed with the end user in mind. Windsor Patania’s team of commercial architects are experts in creating high-quality buildings that meet the end user’s needs and fulfil the client’s expectations. Our job is to solve our client’s problems on various levels: Planning, Building Control and Construction. 

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There is a big difference between residential and commercial architects in terms of the scale and type of projects they undertake.


Residential architects aim to fulfil the needs of the homeowner or future tenant of the home. The infrastructure of the residential building must be stable and safe for people to reside in. 


On the other hand, commercial architecture focuses on designing and developing buildings intended for use as commercial properties, such as


  • Retail shops
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels 
  • Clinics
  • Restaurants


Commercial architects have to consider specific design elements that a commercial building may require depending on its purpose, for example:


  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Storerooms
  • Pantry
  • Foyer

Commercial architectural projects tend to be larger, as the building will be visited by more people and have more foot traffic. Therefore, commercial architects must take into account unique additions that residential buildings do not have, such as escalators or parking structures. Commercial architects will also consider meeting space requirements and compliance with health and safety regulations.

A commercial architect will design your building considering its intended purpose and what the building and the end user need. The architect will oversee your commercial construction project to ensure that the building personnel complies with your choices, building codes and design principles.

Costs will depend on the client’s requirements and the project’s scope.

Our commercial architects can assist you in materialising your vision for the project. Our experts will discuss your expectations and the setup of your commercial property. We’ll design a building that fits your company’s identity and meets your and the end user’s needs.


We’ll take care of the entire process for your peace of mind, including administrative formalities and procedures such as the application to obtain Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval. In addition, we’ll liaise and negotiate with the different suppliers to ensure you can relax and focus on operating your business.


Windsor Patania’s team can achieve planning on complex schemes and deliver a variety of internal fit-out solutions for commercial projects. Our experts will make sure all the building and safety standards are met.

The duration of the different phases of a commercial architecture process depends on the nature, requirements, and challenges of the project. Our team will work around the clock to complete the project in accordance with the timelines established.