Commercial Conversion

Methodist Church Conversion Into A New Residential Accommodation

Project Summary

We´re pleased to design the residential conversion of a Methodist Church called “Hope Church” built in the early 20th century with side wings made in the ’60s into a fantastic new residential accommodation with 13 flats.

We aim to retain and protect the heritage façade of the main church keeping layout.              

  • Location: Grove Road, Rotherham S60 2ER, UK
  • Sector: Church Conversion – Residential
  • Size: 200 sqft
  • Status: Planning Application
  • Architect: Windsorpatania Architects

The history

The property is composed of a central building from the 20th century, known as Hope Church, and side wings built in the ’60s used as offices, banks and activities related to the Church.
It is a 3-storey building located in the central area of the town with easy access to the local public transport network.
As the Church is located in a conservation area, our main challenge will be retaining and respecting the structure of the existing building.
The last use of the property was a residential institution, but following September 2020 updates, churches have been reclassified as public worship, religious instruction, or any connection with such use.

Church Conversion

Our proposal seeks to renovate the building, converting the existing spaces into new modern residential accommodation of 13 flats with a fully equipped gym on the ground floor and co-working space on the 1st floor.
Our goal is to be respectful of the existing context and conservation, keeping unaltered the exterior appearance of the original church building.
It is proposed a restyling of the 60’s extensions facade, making them more efficient for residential use, improving the street scene and redesigning the interiors.

Church Conversion

Particular attention has been dedicated to the design of the flats, ensuring that all the spaces used for similar activities will be positioned one on top of the other. 
This arrangement will improve the acoustic well-being of the apartments and the coordination of the plumbing and electric systems.
Our proposal also offers modern amenities for future residents:
  • Bikes: Will be located at the rear of the property in a secure area.
  • Bins: Will be in the property’s courtyard with easy access for collection from the road.
  • Security: All accesses to the property are provided with security cameras to improve the safety of the occupants.
Before After Image1 1Residential Conversion

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