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Residential Development Of A Medical Clinic, Council Building & Boxing Gym

Project Overview

This project, which we inherited from a previous architect, was planned to be a residential development divided into 3 different phases.
By the time we got hired, phase 01 was almost completed, and we were mainly appointed to cover phases 2 and 3 of the development.
The original building was used as:
• Phase 01: Conversion of a Medical Clinic
• Phase 02: Conversion of a Council Building
• Phase 03: Demolition of a Boxing-Gym Building
Phases 01 and 02 were found as derelict properties, phase 03 was still used as a boxing gym, but the building conditions were also deplorable.
We reconfigured the whole drawings sets into our standards and strategist with the client on the next residential development steps to make sure they could reduce the risks during construction.
We advised and guided the client to appoint the right consultants to avoid issues on-site—especially the Fire consultant, MP consultant and landscape designer.
  • Location: Gilfach, Wales
  • Sector: Residential Development
  • Construction Costs: £1.3 – £1.5 Million
  • Size: 19,000 sqft
  • Status: On-Site
  • Architect: Windsorpatania Architects

The history

Due to poor maintenance and other issues with the property, it was shut down, and a decision was made to convert it into a residential development.
The client had issues with the previous architects when we got hired, so we took over the whole project by mid-2020.
Our client secured planning permission for this attractive 3 building property to create high-quality accommodations while preserving the area’s legacy.

The Problem

The main problem of this project is to fit as many apartments as possible, ensuring the units were designed to respond to the local market demand.

The plans need to be functional for what we needed to redesign and make them more functional, optimising the space and ensuring nice open spaces in the kitchen, dining and living room areas.
We are trying to get the “WOU” factor in every single flat optimising the layout of the build.

Project´s Goals

The objective of this project is to make sure the client can deliver what the market is requesting so he can sell the flats to local families.
Also, to save some construction costs and go to the construction phase as fast as possible to start marketing the units and the Residential Development.
The client had a few challenges with planning conditions to ensure the approval of the development, which we overcame on several occasions.
Our job is to solve our client’s problems in various levels: Planning, Building control & Construction. Up to a point, we were sure the project would fit into the local market.

Project´s Insight

We had to implement a fire strategy, which was not considered by the previous scheme, to make sure the proposal was fire compliant.
We also had to work on the specifications to make sure the appearance of the building matches the client´s expectations in terms of the quality of the materials & colour scheme.
There was an interesting relationship with the client during this project due to his experience as a developer and building company, which created a different working relationship.
This allowed us to have first-hand information on how the site is going, better communication than usually, quality information that helps us during the process.

The Solution

Our main value was to make the client discover the power of CGIs and 3D models by offering our services and providing clarity, CGI support, good communication and mentoring for the new Residential Development.

Residential Development

We took over the whole project to solve the client´s problem and succeed in building regulation and construction processes, having as a result:
• Phase 01: A Residential conversion of existing dental clinics into 3 flats.
3 units of two 2-bedroom flats and one 2-bedroom semi-detached bungalow.
• Phase 02: A Residential conversion of an existing council building into 8 Flat
8 units of 7 two-bedroom flats and 1 one-bedroom flat.
• Phase 03: A Residential Development of a new of 6 townhouses
Before After Parish Mews 1 BeforeParish Mews 1 After 1

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