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Architecture Practice Offers Free Help to Frontline Services Creating Emergency Coronavirus Hospitals

April 2nd, 2020

London-based firm, WindsorPatania Architects, is rapidly repurposing its team to provide free design services to frontline organisations in response to the coronavirus outbreak. As the NHS struggles to accommodate escalating cases, the company is offering layout services—among other things—to help organizations create emergency hospitals and optimize the numbers of patients they can treat. 

Across the country, hospitals and care homes are working around the clock to repurpose buildings to accommodate the fast-growing number of COVID-19 victims. WindsorPatania’s Ryan Windsor and Giovanni Patania decided to use excess capacity to provide free design and layout optimization services to help taxed healthcare providers maximize bed availability and elevate safety for frontline workers. 

Commenting on the decision, Ryan Windsor said, “This is a time to come together. To show solidarity and support frontline services and workers where we can. As an architectural practice, optimising layouts of spaces and buildings is where we can contribute. It’s as much, but also the least we can do.”

The company is also providing free graphic design services—from infographics and flyers to digital content—to enable healthcare organizations to stay in touch with their audiences and promote government guidelines. 

The seven-strong team speaks nine languages—English, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Albanian, Thai, Danish, Spanish, Filipino, and various Indian languages—and is offering a translation service for crisis-related communications.  

Commenting on the company’s commitment, Giovanni Patania, RIBA Architect, said: “With many of our team being of Italian origin, the company is well aware of the immense challenges that healthcare providers face. The UK will hopefully avoid some of the scenarios we’ve heard about in Italy. Needless to say, our team is extremely motivated to contribute where we can.”

If you or someone you know works for a frontline service in urgent need of architectural and/or graphic design services, or you know of buildings potentially suited to being repurposed, please contact Ryan at or call 020 301 1297. Find out more at

Editor’s Notes:

For more information please call Ryan Windsor on 07752 534905 or Giovanni Patania on 07931 050159.