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Converting A Property Into A Modern And Sustainable Youth Centre

Project Summary

The project’s goal is to convert this property into a new Sustainable Youth Centre where all groups of children around the community can come over to do several activities and play sports.

The future building has been designed to be grabbed around 2 existing beautiful trees, having a unique foundation to avoid interfering with the roots and keeping them alive while building around them.

The design is inspired by modern Japanese architecture to reinforce the idea of working with nature. The wooden theme will prevail in the Interior Design to make it sustainable and Eco-friendly.

We want to leave a clear message to future generations about respecting nature and making an effort to preserve it intact.

  • Location: 18 Eldon Ave, Heston, Hounslow, UK
  • Sector: Commercial Conversion
  • Construction Costs: £600,000
  • Size: – 350 sqm
  • Status: Design Development
  • Architect: Windsorpatania Architects

Current Situation

The future Sustainable Youth Centre is situated in an established residential-family area, close to a primary and community School. 

The area counts with other Youth Centres, like Heston Village Hall, Lampton Children’s Centre and Hounslow Youth Centre in the southern region. 

According to our market research, the existing Youth Centres are old structures with poor interiors and facilities. 

Another critical point is the presence of new flats and commercial buildings on the opposite side of the proposed area that is currently expanding the community population, which could demand more childcare and extracurricular activities for teenagers.

Our goal is to offer a unique experience to the children with various activities and spaces in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Youth Centre

The new Sustainable Youth Centre will be built in a plot area with 2 London Platans of at least 100 years old and in perfect condition. The idea is to consider them as a part of the building and part of the Architecture itself.

Particular attention has been dedicated to selecting a foundation type that could prevent damaging the existing roots of the London Platans.

Following the suggestions of an experienced Landscape Architect, the proposed foundation system is composed of helical steel screw piles, ideal for sites with a significant presence of tree roots.

The facade will be covered by coloured metal or ceramic strips that remind the texture of the wood, a prevailing element in Japanese buildings. It will be placed modularly with spaces between strips on the ground floor to allow sunlight and a view of the activities inside the building.

The proposed building consists of a 2-storey building, and each floor will have a different use during the day between Nursery and adult activities.

Sustainable Youth Centre

The Sustainable Youth Centre will have 2 classrooms of 55.60 sqm and 24.30 sqm on the ground floor with a dedicated restroom for kids and disabled people.

The smaller classroom has direct access to the outdoor play area, which is accessible also from the main entrance.

The ground floor also includes a space for staff members with a locker room, restroom and a small kitchen.

There is an ample open space divided with partition panels on the first floor to create two classrooms for kids. At the same time, it becomes a karate dojo in the afternoon with a dedicated restroom for adults and disabled people.

A wooden fence surrounds the building on the front side that delimits the outdoor area made of a wooden platform where children can play and stay.

Next to it, there is an entrance for the staff members on the right side, which provides easy access to the storage for bikes parking and waste collection.

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