Experts in High-End Interior Design

Our architectural practice understands the importance of investing in high-end interior design to achieve a distinctive interior consistent with the owner’s brand identity. Our purpose is to create a beautiful interior design to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We are experts in developing functional and visually pleasing spaces according to your needs


Architecture is the art and practice of creating or remodelling buildings and their structure. This discipline includes the layout of the spatial relationships within a building. An architect is in charge of designing the exterior and interior spaces of a building whilst considering a number of factors including:


  • Budget 
  • Needs of the building and its users
  • Impact on local environment


Interior design deals with the architectural aspect as well as the technical, but focuses on an established interior spatial platform. Interior designers are trained in interior space planning for all types of building, including commercial and residential. The interior designer’s creativity allows them to produce designs that are both functional and aesthetic for the interior space.


Interior design goes beyond the choice of colour palette, furniture designs, lighting, textiles, and artwork for decorative purposes. It is also about:


  • Considering the purpose of the room and how the users will move through the space
  • Creating a healthier living environment for the end users of the building
  • Reflecting the client’s personality in the final design

A detailed interior design plan guarantees you get the best value for money for your project. The interior designer will advise you on how to make the best use of the budget for your peace of mind. In addition, proper planning also ensures a well thought-out and functional organisation of the space. In this way, the space works for the user and allows them to enjoy their daily routine and way of life.

 Costs depend on what the client wants and the size of the project.

An experienced interior designer will sit down with you to understand your vision for your commercial or residential project and create an interior that suits your needs. They will then proceed to space planning and floor plan execution using CGIs and 3D models to help bring your vision to life. As part of the design services, an interior designer will consider light, colour schemes, lines, patterns and textures to decide on materials, decorative solutions, flooring and furnishings.

Windsor Patania’s team has a people-focused approach. We’ll discuss with you and listen to your needs. In the initial consultation phase, we’ll always ask you for design references, for example:


  • Desirable design solutions
  • Must-haves
  • Lifestyle


Our designs are tailored with the end user in mind. Understanding the client’s needs is crucial for a successful project. Thus, we’ll provide you with mood boards and several design options so you can choose the closer to your vision.


We’ll take care of your entire interior design project from start to finish, including contacting vendors and suppliers. We’ll make sure everything stays on schedule and within your budget. Our attention to detail and our experience in both architecture and interior design will ensure the success of your project.