Contemporary Flats

Residential Conversion Of A Hotel Into 5 Beautiful Contemporary Flats

Project Summary

Our client appointed us to improve the design of a property that used to be a Victorian Guest House called “The White House”, which had a very poor rating, to convert it into 5 modern flats with a contemporary interior design.

  • Location: 4 Nyanza Terrace, Swansea, UK
  • Sector: Residential Conversion
  • Construction Costs: £ 250,000.00
  • Size: 300 sqm
  • Status: Under Development
  • Architect: Windsorpatania architects

Current Situation

The existing building was a Victorian guest house, “The White House”, located in Swansea. The people managing the property were running it poorly until it closed because of its low rating.

The client appointed us to take over the whole project and manage all the processes, from building regulation drawings, application, construction, specification, interior design to finding a building team.

When we started working on the project, planning permission was approved to convert this property into 5 Flats.

Our role was to improve the design of the previous architect. We polished the existing design, made it more functional, and used the space efficiently.

Contemporary Flats

The client briefed us to do a contemporary interior design with a different style and colour scheme for every apartment to rent them and offer service accommodations.

With this in mind, we proposed the following:

  • Flat 1: Contemporary style with a country design touch
  • Flat 2: A mix of traditional and modern flat, with a green colour theme for a friendly design.
  • Flat 3: Under development
  • Flat 4: Contemporary style with a dark colour scheme for a more elegant and classic flat.
  • Flat 5: A mansard with a fresh contemporary and simple look.


Giovanni Patania, Architect Direct, said:

“If the strategy is service accommodation, we are trying to build 5 different experiences for different tenants’ profiles. Each of the flats will be unique in style with a beautiful design. The future guests will have an unforgettable experience, enjoying a contemporary lifestyle”.

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