High-End Interior Design

The Best High-End Interior Design Of a Private Residence

Project Summary

The client hired us to develop a high-end interior design for his property, creating something unique and valuable for the local market. 

The client wants to build a new brand and provide a memorable experience for their guests to stand out from the local competition.

  • Location: 24 Norman Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth, UK
  • Sector: Residential Conversion
  • Construction Costs: £ 240,000
  • Size: 130 sqm
  • Status: On Construction
  • Architect: Windsorpatania architects

Current Situaliton

The property was purchased by the client in October 2020. Its been used as a family house since then.

We took over the project from a previous architect who completed this project’s building regulations and construction drawings.

High-End Interior Design

As an architectural practice, we know it is essential to invest in high-end interior design to get something unique and define the owner´s brand identity.

We provided the client with a selection of 5 different types of mood boards.

After a review, the client decided to choose a strong contemporary-looking option with a dark grey colour palette.

We also proposed using wooden acoustic wall panels, walnut wood colour for the rooms, and natural oak wood colour for the living room.

This selection will make it look exquisite and polished with an elite style.

Our client was delighted with the solution we proposed and the balance between the dark grey and wood theme with white walls for a spacious look.

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