Interior Design

45 Gunhild Way, A High-End Interior Design Of A Private Residence

Project Summary

  • Location: 45 Gunhild Way, Cambridge, UK
  • Sector: Residential Conversion

  • Construction Costs: £ 200,000

  • Size: 160 sqm

  • Status: On Development

  • Architect: Windsorpatania architects

The private residence is located in Cambridge, the UK.
The task was to extend the ground floor and first floor with a possibility for a future extension and create a high-end contemporary interior design based on the detailed brief: the client knew exactly what he wanted.
Our clients are always like-minded people interested in sustainability; in this project, we apply some sustainability principles, for example, inserting a green roof.

Interior Design Process

We always ask our clients to fill up our “living wishes” form, which is a questionnaire where our clients give us design references: some tips about their lifestyle, must-haves, and desirable design solutions.

Then we meet, discuss, and attentively listen to the client. It’s the key to understanding the clients’ needs and the project’s success.

It’s essential to make everything clear from the very beginning to feel that we’re hitting the brief and that the client is happy with what we’re designing because the client and architectural practice should go into it together along.

This time the client was really confident about what style he’d like to see; we had an elaborate brief.

After the initial consultation phase, we designed around 5 high-end interior design options. The client was very impressed with all of them, but of course, chose one that was closer to his vision; we then kept going.

Right now, we’re in a review and refining stage. The following steps would be to find the right builder team, get them to quote, bring them on-site, and continue toward the project’s completion.

Interior Design Concept

The property has a kitchen, dining area, and a living room on the ground floor; three bedrooms on the first floor, and one en-suite bedroom on the loft.

In our proposal, we added a 6 meters extension at the back of the house, where a kitchen and a studio, so-called a Garden room, for the client’s wife will be located.

We applied a functional and stylish design solution in the Garden room by framing the window with bookshelves. It makes the working area more organized and comfortable and emphasises the green background in the window that will help to relax the eyes after long computer work.

This Garden room has access to the terrace in the house’s courtyard.

We always go for a simple and clear layout making the client’s day-to-day life more comfortable.

For instance, the kitchen space is followed by a dining room and then a living room where the whole family gathers. This sequence of the spaces goes along with the client’s everyday habits and lifestyle.

We made walls in white to provide more daylight, directly or reflected, into the space.

We used a pastel palette with prevailing beige tones and wooden finishing for the flooring to make the space look cosy and warm. Moreover, a calm neutral palette consisting of beige and grey shades makes the interior design timeless.

On the first floor that is also extended, there will be two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and one bedroom with an en-suite.

The master bedroom is spacious and well-organized; we’ve achieved this by placing wardrobes finished with mirrors, which visually enlarge the room and lighter the interior.

The loft will remain the same as it was.

Giovanni Patania, Architect Director, said:

“Our main goal is to create a beautiful interior design, meet and exceed the client’s expectations, and I believe we’re on the right path”.

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