Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design

Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design Design
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By combining the best of the old with the new, modern classic interior design has become very popular among London luxury home and apartment owners.

Whatever modern classic design furniture, fabric and materials you want for your home or apartments, we can find it or have it made for you. WindsorPatania is there from beginning to end with our clients as we make real the living space you have current in your mind.

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Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design

Understanding Interior Design Styles

Before we can understand why the modern classic style has become popular, we need to understand the styles that came together to create it.

The enduring appeal of classic, timeless traditional interior design

The elegance and sophistication of classic interior design draws on a range of influences from French châteaux and English manor houses to Italian villas.

Classic interior design is all about creating comfortable living spaces that feature beautiful, generously-proportioned furniture pieces made from the finest materials. 

There is something warm, familiar and comforting about the classic approach. 

It creates a feeling of tranquillity, somewhere we can be ourselves, a place we can raise a family and a venue in which we can entertain our friends. 

It has the stamp of being a home.

Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design

How to define modern classic interior design

The popularity of the modern classic interior design movement lies in how it strikes a harmonious balance between that which we value for its newness and that which we value for its timelessness.  

It’s how classic modern bridges the gap between old-world charm. It’s why, for example, the Victorian style and the present-day minimalism style can work harmoniously together.

Getting classic modern right is all about the strategic use of materials and colours as cohesive design components. This is the standard modern classic interior design definition.

Striking the balance to achieve the modern classic interior design you want

You can choose any classic style you like to be the Yan to the modern style of Ying – it could be Art Deco or, going back even further, classic Greek and Roman styles.

The modern classic living room works because it combines the best of the best. Think of a room with a combination of neutral tones and the rich texture of classic furniture upholstered in a striking velvet. 

Perhaps to add a little more style, that rich velvet colour could be offset with high-contrast geometric patterned throw pillows. 

Build element by element to create a luxurious and simple end result.

Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design

Elements that define the modern classic style

Modern classic interior design embraces contrast between light and dark, shades and patterns and proportionality and symmetry. 

Modern classic interiors employ simple, elegant and purposeful designs with defined spaces and clean simple lines.

Popular modern classic interior design ideas

  • Natural materials like wood, stone, and leather
  • A palette featuring neutral colours in the main but accented with bold shades like chocolate brown for a lively contrast
  • Clear lines and distinct areas for a sleek appearance
  • Classic furniture pieces such as wingback chairs, Chesterfield sofas, and antique tables
  • Neutral flooring (like wood floors) offset by Berber carpets, soft-coloured carpets and sisal rugs
  • Decorative items like chandeliers, ornate mirrors, artwork or even a single flower in a glass vase for elegance
  • Modern technology like smart home systems, ambient lighting and energy-efficient appliances.

The modern classic interior focuses on simplicity and practicality. 

It also has a subtle sophistication about it too – just think about how accent items and accessories harmonise with the surrounding furniture in, for example, a dining room in the modern classic style.

Creating harmony in your home with modern classic interior design

Working with a modern classic design architect

You may already have a clear idea in your mind. For you, it might be minimalist style + Georgian style. 

Or it might be something completely different. All you know is that you have a specific design for your living space in mind. 

You can see some or all of it and now you want professional assistance to make it real.

Starting your journey

Many clients across London, the South East of England and Milan call a WindsorPatania contemporary modern classic interior design specialist first. 

They could want a luxury modern classic style for their whole house. Sometimes, they initially want a modern classic interior design living room and downstairs.

The ability to create a stylish, sophisticated interior design in the modern classic style for a luxury property is a partnership between you and your interior architect.

It’s their job to make both the classic style and modern style elements you want work in a coherent, beautiful and functional way in your home. 

Knowing the best craftsmen and tradesmen

Perhaps you want a modern classic living room design featuring a Chesterfield sofa upholstered in luxe fabric or leather with sleek, glass-topped coffee tables and streamlined wingback chairs. 

Maybe by way of contrast, you want an ornate gilt mirror, a modern abstract painting or a traditional Persian rug. 

Lighting is also essential in creating the perfect space so you might want a striking crystal chandelier for a classic touch, combined with modern recessed lighting or floor lamps for its modern design and practicality.

Whatever you want, WindsorPatania can source it or have it made for you by some of the country’s best craftsmen.

When you’re happy with your design and you’re ready to proceed, we can recommend highly-skilled floorers, decorators and more to make sure the work is done perfectly and to your exact specifications.

And, all the time, we’ll be there helping you to project manage as your home benefits from a luxury modern classic style renovation.

Your own timeless design and cohesive theme

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