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WindsorPatania is an architectural company based in the historic city of Cambridge. We offer comprehensive architectural services that encompass planning, design, project management, building regulations, sustainability, and feasibility studies. Our team of architects delivers personalised and innovative solutions that align with clients’ goals and needs. With our years of experience and expertise in the industry, we have gained a reputation for excellence and creativity.

For any architect, Cambridge is a city with a rich architectural heritage. We are proud to be part of the vibrant community of architects and builders that contribute to the city’s growth and development through building design. Our team has a deep understanding of the local landscape, culture and history, which allows us to create designs that are unique and relevant to the city’s context.


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Tailored to our Clients

We place a high value on collaboration and communication with clients. By working closely with you, we can deliver bespoke solutions that meet your needs and expectations. Our team takes the time to listen to you, understand your goals and aspirations and create designs that align with your vision. We keep you informed and engaged throughout the course of the project, providing regular updates and progress reports. We believe that client-focused collaboration creates better buildings that meet your unique needs and aspirations.


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Planning and Design

At WindsorPatania, we believe that successful architectural projects start with a well-crafted plan and design. Our team collaborates with you to create comprehensive plans and designs that align with your vision and goals. We use the latest technologies and software to create 3D models and visualisations so you can see your projects come to life.

Our design process is highly iterative. We get your feedback at all stages and incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the design. This ensures that the final product is tailored to your specific needs and expectations.


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Planning and design

Building Regulations

Building regulations are a complex and ever-changing area of practice in the architectural industry. At WindsorPatania, we are highly knowledgeable in building regulations and have a deep understanding of local codes and ordinances. Let us navigate the relevant regulations and requirements for your project. We keep you informed and educated about the process throughout. Be assured that your project will be legally compliant, safe, and of the highest quality.


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Sustainability is a core value at WindsorPatania. We believe that every building should be designed with the environment in mind. Our team is fully conversant in sustainable building practices. We incorporate the latest technologies and materials to reduce energy consumption, minimise waste and lower carbon emissions.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability, considering factors such as site orientation, natural lighting, ventilation, insulation and water conservation. By designing buildings that are sustainable and environmentally responsible, we help you reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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Value Engineering

At WindsorPatania, we believe that every project should be optimised for cost and performance. We employ value engineering techniques to identify cost savings and improve the performance of each building system. By analysing each building system in detail, we find opportunities to reduce costs without compromising on quality. We use the most cost-effective materials and construction methods while ensuring safety and performance is always maintained.


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Project Management

Our team of experts is highly experienced in managing projects from start to completion, ensuring adherence to the highest standards throughout. Managing a building project is complex and challenging.

We remove the burden from you by coordinating with contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. We keep you informed and engaged throughout the project, providing regular updates and progress reports. We ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget, without compromising on quality.


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Feasibility Studies

Before embarking on any building project, it’s important to conduct a feasibility study to ensure that the outcome is viable and achievable. WindsorPatania conducts comprehensive feasibility studies covering a range of factors including site analysis, market analysis, cost analysis and risk analysis.

Every project is unique and each feasibility study we undertake is directed by your specific needs and goals. We identify challenges and opportunities at the outset with a feasibility study to give your project the best chance of success.


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Cambridge Projects

WindsorPatania has worked on a variety of projects in Cambridge, ranging from new build schemes to private residences and commercial re-developments. Our designs incorporate innovation, contextualisation and sustainability throughout. Our architects add value to your project by using their experience and knowledge to deliver outcomes that meet your exact.

We create designs that positively impact the environment while achieving the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. WindsorPatania is committed to delivering quality designs that stand the test of time on everything from large commercial projects to bespoke private residences.


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Cambridge Press

Our practice features regularly in the local press (Cambridge Independent and IQ Magazine) who report on our innovative and sustainable architectural solutions and the outstanding technical skills of our team.

Local and trade press regularly seek our insights and opinion on issues as diverse as high-tech sustainable architecture, sustainability, contextualisation and quality designs.


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WindsorPatania create buildings that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and environmentally responsible. We have built our reputation on it.

As a local practice, we have a deep understanding of the local landscape, culture, and history, which allows us to create designs that are unique and relevant to the city’s context. We also work with and understand the requirements of local planning officials who are rightly motivated by developing the local area while protecting its visual uniqueness

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with our architects, please contact us to find out more about our services and discover how we can help you bring your building project to life.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing our clients with personalized and innovative solutions that meet their needs and aspirations.

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