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Introducing WindsorPatania, a renowned architectural firm situated with established practices in London, Cambridge and Milan.

For clients in the UK and across the continent, we deliver bespoke architectural services that include planning, design, project management, building regulations, sustainability, and feasibility studies.

Our international team of architects develop bespoke and inspired solutions that match the vision you have for your home from a house extension or loft conversion right through to a complex basement conversion.

We have extensive practical knowledge of how London boroughs apply planning permission rules. This is through the work we’ve carried out in districts like Fulham, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Balham, Battersea, Vauxhall, Westminster, Richmond, Kensington and Mayfair. We’re also very experienced in dealing with listed building projects.

Our architect’s inventiveness, vision and technical excellence mean that your project is in safe hands. London presents a cityscape steeped in rich and diverse architectural history. Our designs are unique and also seamlessly blend with the city’s historical and cultural context becoming part of its fabric.

Work with us and we’ll bring your architectural vision to life. And you’ll get to leave your own indelible mark on London’s fine architectural legacy.



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A Client-Centric Approach

At WindsorPatania, we operate from a starting point of collaboration and open communication. Experience tells us that, in order to realise a project that truly reflects your needs and wants, understanding your vision from the start is key. And it’s the depth of our understanding that leads to exceptional and unique architectural solutions.

What sets us apart from many other architectural firms in London is our extensive knowledge of the capital’s planning departments and experience with HNW clients.

Come to us for a house extension, a single-storey extension, a loft conversion or to extend your floor space with a basement conversion. We work with individual homeowners and as well as real estate developers on larger residential schemes. We work with you from the initial concept right through to the final sign-off. We can manage all planning applications for your project.

Your goals and aspirations drive our work. Our architects aim to meet and exceed your expectations in every area.

We achieve this by making you part of the process from the beginning. You’ll have a project architect who keeps you informed and engaged throughout with regular updates and progress reports.


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Planning and design

Planning and design

Our architectural designers take an iterative approach to your project. While focusing on the bigger picture, they also pay attention to the important smaller details. Our team also have extensive practical knowledge of local planning regulations across all London boroughs.

You’ll be working with some of the best architects at our London studio. As your initial concept begins to evolve and form, we bring your vision to life through 3D models and detailed visualisations. From house extensions to basement conversions, you can see the transformation of your idea into reality.

London architecture changes from borough to borough. Not only do we make sure that your property project meets your specific needs but we make sure that it fits meaningfully into the city’s rich tapestry of streetscapes.


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London building regulations

London building regulations

There are 32 London boroughs, each with their own ideas on the type of architecture and construction they want to see in their areas. Navigating the intricate building regulations that apply in different areas of the capital can be a complex task but it’s an area in which WindsorPatania boasts considerable experience and success.

Overseen by our Managing Director, we guide your project through the necessary regulations and requirements. You’re kept current on developments at each stage of the process. We guarantee full legal compliance on all work carried out as well as the highest standards of quality and safety.

As London architects, we have worked on a wide range of exciting projects that have required us to deftly navigate complex Buildings Regulations. On residential and commercial projects, we balance your needs and the needs of the Building Control department to achieve an optimal outcome.


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Sustainability is at the heart of WindsorPatania. In every project, we place a high priority on environmental responsibility.

To achieve this, we take advantage of the latest construction techniques and building materials. From breaking ground to sign-off, the recommendations we make to you will minimise waste and energy consumption.

We consider factors like site orientation, natural lighting, ventilation, insulation, and water conservation at the planning and design stage. We reduce your project’s carbon footprint during construction and when the building is in use.

With WindsorPatania, your project will be a fusion of beauty, practicality, and environmental responsibility.


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Value Engineering

Value engineering at WindsorPatania is not about cutting corners. It’s about discovering smart, cost-effective solutions that keep to your budget without compromising on the quality you expect from us.

We start every project with the goal of optimising cost and performance from the intelligent selection of materials to the choice of building system.

No sacrifice is made at any point on your project’s aesthetic appeal, robustness and efficiency. With WindsorPatania, be confident of an outcome that marries efficiency with superior design and functionality.


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Project Management

Managing a building project is complex, especially in a city with 32 governing planning authorities.

WindsorPatania handles the management of your project at various stages with professionalism, care, and attention to detail. When work is underway, you get regular updates and reports to keep you informed on progress.

We can also assist you in selecting the highest-quality builders and craftsmen to bring your vision to life.

WindsorPatania delivers your project on time and within budget to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


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Feasibility Studies and Development Appraisals

Before starting any building project, you need to assess its viability and how close the completed project would align with your overall vision.

WindsorPatania offers a comprehensive feasibility study service that is specifically tailored to your project. We examine a wide range of factors from site and market analysis to cost estimation and risk assessment. We’ll show you a range of possible design options and provide you with realistic projections for construction costs and timeframes.

By identifying potential challenges and opportunities from the start, you’ll know whether your project is feasible and how likely it is to be successful.


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London architectural projects

London architectural projects

WindsorPatania has worked on a wide variety of projects in London from new build schemes and private residences to commercial redevelopment and class MA conversions.

Based solely on your needs and wishes, our designs blend innovation and sustainability while reflecting the local architectural vernacular. This is particularly important if you’re in an area with many listed buildings.

Our team creates designs that are both aesthetically striking and highly functional. A building that fits well into the city’s architectural history, elegance and sophistication, no matter whether it’s in North, South, West or East London.


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Have a project?

Choose our architecture practice for your next project. We create bespoke designs that meet your needs and wants to create buildings that are functional and aesthetically superior inside and outside.

WindsorPatania prides itself on delivering projects that are practical, visually pleasing, sustainable and environmentally responsible. It’s on these four foundations that we have built our reputation.

Take advantage of our good working relationships with planners across the London boroughs. Our architects create solutions faithful to your vision which balance planners’ desire to develop their areas and preserve visual appeal.

From the initial concept discussions and feasibility study to contractor selection and final sign-off, Windsor Patania is with you at every stage.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our services. Let’s explore how to bring your vision to life in this beautiful city. We look forward to working with you.


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