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International architects with Milanese roots

Welcome to WindsorPatania, an architectural practice based in Milan, London and Cambridge.

In the last few years we have gained an international reputation for creativity and excellence. We deliver innovative, sustainable architectural solutions fully aligned with your vision.

For both residential and commercial architecture, we’re with you at all stages of the journey.

We provide a full spectrum service encompassing planning, design, project management, building regulations, sustainability, and feasibility studies.

Our English-speaking team has extensive knowledge of Italian building regulations and design culture. We fully understand the unique requirements and expectations of the international clients we work with.

We’re proud to be part of this world-class city. We’re excited to help you realise your vision. Your project will become an integral part of Milan’s future architectural heritage.

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A client-centred service

At WindsorPatania, our approach is built on collaboration and communication. To deliver something that’s truly you, understanding your vision is key. Every client is unique and they want something unique.

Our international reputation and local expertise sets us apart from other architectural firms in Milan. And that’s why our global clientele chooses us.

We work closely with you right from the initial planning stages through to construction completion. Our job is to create bespoke solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

From the very beginning, your goals and aspirations become ours. This way, we align perfectly with your vision.

You can rest assured that the stunning private residences and commercial properties we create harmonise with Milan’s rich architectural history while, at the same time, mirroring your personal style and requirements.

We deliver bespoke solutions that meet and often exceed your expectations. That’s because, from the start, we listen to you, understand your goals and aspirations and then create a design that perfectly aligns with your vision.

From initial planning to building completion, we keep you informed and engaged, providing you with regular updates and progress reports.

This client-focused collaboration results in better buildings that cater specifically to your unique needs and aspirations.


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Planning and design

Planning and Design

The foundation of any successful architectural project lies in meticulous planning and exceptional design. From the first consultation right through to project sign-off, your vision and goals guide our design process.

Our design process is not linear but highly iterative. This creates the flexibility we need to react to your feedback at all stages.

As the planning and design stage goes on and the project moves towards taking its final, desired form, we create 3D models and detailed visualisations to help you better see your vision become a reality.

Benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that our English-speaking team plans and designs projects that meet Italian building regulations and are sensitive to cultural nuances.


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Milanese Building Regulations

Local Building Regulations

In central Milan and beyond, local planners focus on preserving the historical integrity and charm that defines much of the city’s stunning architecture.

Navigating intricate Milanese building regulations is challenging but this is an area we have considerable experience and success in.

The English-speaking WindsorPatania team has a thorough and practical working knowledge of how local authorities apply local codes and ordinances are applied.

They guide your project through the necessary regulations and requirements.

Your project will be fully legally compliant, safe and of the highest quality.

Our creative, talented team strikes the necessary balance between embracing the local architectural heritage and meeting the contemporary needs of our international clients on residential and commercial projects.


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Sustainability is at our core as a practice.

We believe every building should be part of the environmental fabric, not an intrusion on it. Alongside your project’s aesthetic beauty and practicality, we prioritise environmental responsibility.

Our English-speaking team will employ the latest technologies and materials for your project. During construction and for the lifetime of your building, we minimise waste, lower carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption during construction. To do this, we consider factors like site orientation, natural lighting, ventilation, insulation and water conservation.

Reduce your project’s carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future with WindsorPatania.


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Value Engineering

Value engineering is not about cutting corners.

It’s about finding intelligent, cost-effective solutions that deliver the required result within your budget.

Our English-speaking team identifies cost and time savings in your project without sacrificing quality.

From material selection to construction methods, we extract the maximum value for you from your project while never compromising on design, safety and performance.


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Project Management

Project management is complex. Project management when everyone speaks a different language to you is even more complex.

WindsorPatania’s English-speaking project managers take this responsibility from you, providing you with regular reports and updates on progress.

We coordinate with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to keep to schedules and ensure quality control.

Your project will be managed throughout with professionalism, care and attention to detail. We’ll help you select the highest-quality builders and craftsmen.

We ensure your new build or renovation will be completed on time, within budget and to the highest standards.


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Feasibility Studies

If you want a new build or an existing building renovated, you need to know that your proposed project is viable and achievable.

You need to assurance that the finished project will align with your vision.

Our feasibility studies provide you with the answer and the guidance you need. From a site and market analysis to Italian building regulations, budget, design options available, construction costs and timeframes, we consider everything.

Know for certain whether your unique project can deliver the outcome you want from the outset.


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Milanese architectural projects

Innovation, sustainability and consistency with the local vernacular. All WindsorPatania designs benefit from these three characteristics, whether new build or renovation.

We deliver aesthetic beauty and functionality that completely align with the goals you have for your build. Work with our creative and experienced English-speaking local architects all of whom are fully conversant with the latest international design trends and construction practices. Plus benefit from their practical knowledge of complex Italian Building Regulations.

Milan is a city of beauty, style, and sophistication. We see it as a canvas on which your project will blend seamlessly with the local architecture. Your building will become part of the fabric of this historic city.


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Our English-speaking team of internationally experienced architects in Milan bring a deep knowledge of the local landscape, culture, history and vernacular to your project.

We create fully-customised, functional and aesthetically striking designs that not only meet and exceed our clients’ expectations but that are also sustainable and germaine to the city.

From concept and feasibility study to contractor selection and sign-off, WindsorPatania is there for our clients throughout.

Contact us about your Milanese project today. We look forward to working with you.

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More About Us

Milan is full of architectural wonders. International architecture has been influenced by this world-class city centre through the centuries. The fabric of history is woven into its city center and its streetscape, expressed in striking Renaissance buildings and the Art Nouveau classic Casa Galimberti.

This stretches to the present day with the city’s unique take on urban planning and modern architecture particularly after World War II. This is perhaps best encapsulated by the Torre Velasca, a Brutalist icon that recalls a medieval watchtower and dominates Milan’s skyline. Milanese architecture isn’t confined to one style, but rather it’s a vibrant mix that reflects the city’s evolution over centuries.

Key highlights to explore include:

  • Teatro alla Scala: the revival of one of Europe’s foremost opera houses by Swiss architect Mario Botta.
  • Museo delle Culture di Milano: David Chipperfield Architects‘ modernisation of the crumbling Ansaldo factory.
  • Parco della Portello: opened in 2013 and a collaboration between designer Charles Jencks collaborated with landscape architecture firm LAND.
  • Porta Nuova and CityLife: two recent major urban regeneration projects in the city.
  • Casa della Memoria: completed in 2015 by local architecture studio Baukuh and is clad in polychrome bricks.
  • Vertical Forest: this project includes a striking pair of luxury residential towers with planted terraces.
  • San Carlo al Corso: completed in 1847 by architect Carlo Amati
  • Bagatti Valsecchi Museum: completed by Valsecchi brothers, Fausto and Giuseppe, enriched their family’s Centro Storico estate

Milan main photo courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio. Milan streetscape photo courtesy of Brian Ramirez. Blueprint image courtesy of Thirdman