Shahrzad Alavizadeh

Shahrzad Alavizadeh
Architectural Assistant

  • Concept Design
  • Building Regulation Expertise
  • Graphic Design

Shahrzad is an expert in sustainable design and energy efficiency. She holds a Master’s degree in Building and Architectural Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, where she specialized in active floating buildings for her thesis. She is skilled in 3D modeling, Active house principles, daylight analysis, and graphic design, bringing a solid technical background to her work. Shahrzad is not just a talented individual but also a team player who values open communication. She strongly believes in collaborative efforts to shape the future


“At WindsorPatania I feel part of a tight-knit community fueled by ambitious dreams. We tackle each project with a sustainable mindset, infusing our designs with environmentally friendly practices and cutting-edge solutions.”

At WindsorPatania, we go beyond being a team; we are a tight-knit community fueled by ambitious dreams. We create a welcoming space where working together and supporting one another are the pillars of our every action.


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