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Private Residence

Byron Square

Project Summary

The Bryron project is an attractive semi-detached private residence situated in Cambridge. Our clients were seeking to enhance the circulation and functionality of their living spaces. To achieve this, we proposed extensions to the property, reconfigured the layout in the ground floor, and introduced personalized areas tailored to the unique needs of each family member. This resulted in a seamless integration of architectural solutions that enhance the overall living experience for the residents, creating a harmonious and comfortable home environment.

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Customized Spaces

By incorporating an extension at the rear of the building, we were able to create spacious and high-quality areas, effectively expanding the overall floor plan. The layout was carefully redesigned to include spaces that serve the specific needs of each family member. This includes a mud room located at the entrance for washing their dog, a video games room, a music room, a reading room and a library to cater to the family’s interest and love for books, and an inviting spacious living area. These customized spaces ensure that everyone in the family has their own area while promoting a sense of comfort and practicality throughout the home.

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Embracing the greenery

We fully embraced the lush greenery surrounding the property when designing the U-shaped extension. Our main goal was to preserve the existing tree in the rear yard and take advantage of its natural beauty. By incorporating biophilic views into most of the spaces, we aimed to enhance the well-being and mental health of the residents. This intentional integration creates a seamless connection with nature, bringing a sense of tranquillity and harmony to the entire residence.

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Sustainable Interiors

Our design not only includes biophilic views for the ground floor living spaces but also focuses on maximizing natural light through the introduction of fully glazed panels at the rear and skylights in the proposed extension. Moreover, the extension incorporates a green roof, which not only enhances thermal insulation and improves air quality within the interior spaces but also offers wider environmental benefits such as promoting biodiversity and effectively managing rainwater.
The layout also promotes an active lifestyle with a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces, encouraging movement and enhancing the overall experience.

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