Victorian Theatre To Modern Residential Conversion


We’re proud to restore life into this historic former Derbyshire cinema and bingo hall and turn it into an amazing suite of modern residential apartments.
As we move into modernisation, preserving the culture of the local community is also very important to us as a practice.
Location: Nottingham Road, Derbyshire
Sector: Residential
Construction Costs: £5-6M
Size:19,000 sqft
Status: Complete
Architect: Windsor & Patania Architects
Partners: Amber Valley City Hall, Sanderson Associates, Firenta, S106 Management

The history

This building on Nottingham Road was gracefully opened as a Premier Electric Theatre on January 1, 1912.
It was originally designed for a capacity of 300 people and eventually extended to accommodate 1,000 people. There was even options of luxury leather or velvet armchairs. Unfortunately in November 1960, a firework was set off within the property and this caused significant damage and later closure of the cinema.
There were plans to renovate and reopen the cinema in the mid-60s but this never materialised. The building reopened as Walkers Bingo Club in 1974 but this ultimately closed in November 2013 too. It’s been vacant ever since.
As a final twist, the Derbyshire police discovered a “large quantity of cannabis in the building in October 2018.
We’re so glad to help our client secure planning permission on the amazing historic building and create high-quality accommodation while preserving the exterior legacy of this property.

The future

We’re excited to give a new breath of life to this historic electric theatre. This new project will preserve the same front block and footprint of the original building.
It will include around 20 high-quality modern apartments, a 20-space parking area and six garages.
The ground floor would be designed for wheelchair users and would also include a bike storage room and “shared relaxation area” and communal garden.
This bike storage area would have room for 14 bikes, five of which would be on a rack outside.
We’re working with our client to give this historical building a brand new modernized look, taking care of preserving its meaningful characteristics tied to its history.
A new floor with a contemporary outlook will be added on top of the existing block facing Nottingham Road, while the existing heritage ornaments of the latter will be carefully preserved.
The roof will be covered in dark grey tiles so to create a strong separation from the historical parts and to give the building a more modern appearance.

In the press

Before After View from Victoria St - BeforeView from Victoria St - After