Boxing Gym To A Large Modern Residential Development


We’re proud to restore life into this old boxing gym and turn it into an amazing suite of modern residential apartments and townhouses.
As we transform this property, preserving the culture of the local community is also very important to us as a practice.
Location: Gilfach, Wales
Sector: Residential
Construction Costs: £5-6M
Size:19,000 sqft
Status: Complete
Architect: Windsor & Patania Architects
Partners: Amber Valley City Hall, Sanderson Associates, Firenta, S106 Management

The history

The Gilfach technical centre was previously used as a Boxing Gym.
Due to poor maintenance and other issues with the property, it was shut down and a decision was made to convert it into a residential development.
We’re so glad to help our client secure planning permission on the interesting technical centre and create high-quality accommodation while preserving the legacy of the area.

The future

We’re excited to give a new breath of life to this historic boxing gym.
This new project will undergo a complete overhaul with the intent of re-developing the site to accommodate the following residential units:
  • 3 Townhouses facing William Street
  • 7 Apartments on the opposite side of William Street
  • Outdoor amenity areas
  • Additional car parking spaces
This development is part of a wider development area and has been labelled by the developer as Phase 03.
Phase01 ( Construction Completed ):
  • 3 units (two 2-bedroom flats and one 2-bedroom semi-detached bungalow)


Phase02 ( Under Construction ):

  • 8 units (7 two-bedroom flats and 1 one-bedroom flat)
  • 10 units (2 one-bedroom flats, 5 two-bedroom flats, 2 two-bedroom townhouses)
Materials Selection:
The materials chosen for the exteriors are:
• Exposed Brickwork
• Stone Tiles Cladding
• Dark Grey uPVC double glazed windows
The front facade will be in exposed unpainted brickwork and dark stone tiles cladding. The intervention will be composed of three different volumes, all made with the same materials
The new windows will have a dark grey metal frame. These materials will give an elegant touch to the new volumes, all to enhance the architectural quality of the building, creating an architectural element perfectly integrated with the context.

In the press

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