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Private Residence

Eden House: from concept to completion

Project Summary

Eden House is an exciting new project that’s going to change the game for sustainable luxury country homes in the UK. We’re all about sharing the latest tech and know-how with our local and national communities, so everyone can benefit from our approach to sustainable living.
Our goal is to be totally carbon-neutral and energy positive. That means we’re planting trees in the Green Belt to offset the carbon we produce during construction. Plus, we’re relying on renewable energy to produce more power than we need in a year. It’s all part of our commitment to creating homes that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

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Energy Positive Building

Thanks to a combination of 106 solar panels and a ground source heat pump, the two main technologies, the building will produce more energy (36,678.57 kWh/year) than it consumes (36, 341.20 kWh/year).

Eden House will have many eco-sustainable sources of renewable energy, like a ground heat pump and a home biogas unit to properly dismantle waste from the kitchen.

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Biophilia: the innate pleasure from living abundance and diversity as manifested by the human impulse to imitate Nature with gardens.

— E. O. Wilson

A design in synergy with nature

Our biophilic design ensures that nature is at the heart of this sustainable luxury residence. The building is surrounded by its own courtyard, which helps to incorporate vegetation inside and gives biophilic views. You’ll find nature elements throughout the house, connecting the inside and outside, such as the green wall below the ground floor that establishes a visual connection to nature right as you park your car.

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Welcoming Biodiversity

We’re committed to enhancing the natural context of the Green Belt area where our building is located. We’ll be maintaining wildlife corridors and creating microecosystems for birds, butterflies, and bees. To achieve this, we’ve divided the plot into different realms dedicated to certain species, and included solutions like bee bricks and bird houses. We’re also aiming to engage with local and national charities and trusts to preserve the local wildlife.

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Vertical green

Natural Ventilation & Enveloping Design

Being erected around a courtyard, the building is designed for natural ventilation, which avoids overheating and allows for a comfortable living space during the summer.

We’re using natural materials and renewable energy to minimize our environmental impact. Our enveloping design welcomes the natural landscape and preserves the existing mature trees on the site that provide sun protection and privacy.

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Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you

— Frank Lloyd Write


Sustainability Consultant: Mesh Energy
Landscape Design Consultant: Liz Lake Associates
Ecological and Arboricultural consultant: Arbtech


House & Garden Magazine: Issue 521, Oct 2023, Link here
Architectural Digest: Issue 521, Oct 2023
House & Garden Magazine: Issue 521, Oct 2023, Link here
Architectural Digest: Issue 521, Oct 2023
House & Garden Magazine: Issue 521, Oct 2023, Link here
Architectural Digest: Issue 521, Oct 2023