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Private Residence

Hartington Terrace

Project Summary

Windsorpatania was appointed for the new interior design of a Victorian detached property, located in a gorgeous neighborhood in Cambridge. The homeowners, our clients, had specific preferences for the interior design of their new home with a strong preference for the modern classic style. their main objective was to maximize the quality and functionality of the spaces via layout modifications.

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Respecting the context

Prior to the design phase, a comprehensive assessment of the existing alternations to other buildings  in the neighborhood was done to ensure our proposal aligns with the area’s established character.
Our aim was to not only show respect but also enhance the overall context. Drawing inspiration from this study, our team put forward a high-quality design solution that accents the property’s authenticity by retaining its historical elements and infusing a neoclassical aesthetic, integrating with both the existing building and the neighborhood’s distinctive atmosphere.

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Rear view demonstrating choice of buff bricks, openings with dark frames and dormer extension in dark metal

Maximizing the Space quality

A range of extensions such as rear and dormer extensions, along with new skylights and front dormer gable windows were proposed to optimize the indoor spaces aiming to enhance both the efficiency and quality of the rooms, ensuring ample size and abundant natural light. This was accompanied by recognizing the significance and incorporating storage areas into the design.

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Home office space

Kids bedroom

Interior design bedroom

Optimizing family living

The proposed layout aims to optimize the property’s potential as a family home. It features generously sized bedrooms with en-suites, a home office, a library, and a bright living and dining area complemented by a spacious, high-end kitchen design. This layout ensures that both current and future family members, as well as guests, have ample space to engage in their daily activities and enjoy their time spent in the house.

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Unexpected challenges

Our team dived into the design by drafting detailed designs for the property with the initial objectives specified by the client; however, the project faced an unexpected hurdle during the winter when a water tank in the attic burst, causing substantial damage to the original mouldings and decorations. This, of course, necessitated a complete change in direction on the project but it did provide the client and team with an opportunity for broader creative exploration.

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Evidences of mould and damage

Evidences of moulds and damage

Interior design direction

Starting from a simple design for each space, we slowly incorporated complexity through the addition of a range of palettes and room arrangements. Their choice of colours ranged from bold shades to muted hues, varying as per the design requirements.

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Guest bedroom

Harmony between modern and classic

A significant highlight of the house is the master bedroom, which blends luxury and respect for the property’s historical context. Equipped with a roomy walk-in wardrobe and a plush en-suite bathroom, the room exudes an opulent yet timeless appeal. The ambience was further amplified by experimenting with distinctive pendant lights, harmoniously merging modern and classic interior design elements. In smaller spaces, they employed more vibrant colours to inject vitality.

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Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bedroom En-suite

Client as the core of our design process

Our team worked hard to prioritize the client’s needs and preferences in the design process. We held multiple revision meetings with the client, each time showcasing new CGIs following her specifications during the previous revision session.

This approach let the design go through an interesting journey and ended up in a unique and different style, resulting in the client’s utmost satisfaction.

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