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Parish Mews: repurposing a former council building

Project Summary

This comprehensive project, originally planned as a residential development in three phases, was inherited from a previous architect. When we were brought on board, phase 01 was nearly complete, and our primary focus shifted to overseeing phases 2 and 3 of the development. The original buildings had diverse functions:

  • Phase 01: Conversion of a Medical Clinic
  • Phase 02: Conversion of a Council Building
  • Phase 03: Demolition of a Boxing-Gym Building

Revitalizing History

This project traces its roots to a neglected property that had fallen into disrepair, prompting the decision to convert it into a residential development. Facing challenges with previous architects, we assumed full responsibility for the project in mid-2020. Our client successfully obtained planning permission to preserve the legacy of the area while creating appealing and high-quality accommodations within the three buildings.

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Phases 01 and 02 presented as derelict properties, while phase 03 still functioned as a boxing gym despite deplorable building conditions. We meticulously reconfigured the entire drawing sets to meet our standards and collaborated with the client to strategize the upcoming steps of the residential development, aiming to minimize construction risks. We provided expert advice and guidance in selecting the appropriate consultants, including fire consultants, MP consultants, and landscape designers, to mitigate on-site issues effectively.

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Our primary challenge in this project was to maximize the number of apartments while meeting the demands of the local market. We focused on redesigning and optimizing the plans to create functional spaces, specifically emphasizing open and inviting areas in the kitchen, dining, and living room. Our goal was to achieve the “WOW” factor in each flat by optimizing the layout of the building, ensuring a harmonious balance between space utilization and visual appeal.

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Market-Driven Success

Our project aims to ensure the client meets market demands, enabling successful sales of flats to local families. We also prioritize cost savings and expedite the construction phase to accelerate the marketing of units and the overall residential development. Overcoming planning challenges and meeting approval conditions was a key part of our role, resolving our client’s concerns at various levels, including planning, building control, and construction. With our expertise, we confidently ensured the project’s alignment with the local market.

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Safety & Design Excellence

We expertly implemented overlooked fire safety measures, ensuring compliance with regulations. Meticulous attention was given to building specifications, meeting high expectations for quality and appearance. A strong client relationship facilitated excellent communication and valuable insights for seamless project progress, resulting in superior outcomes.

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Unleashing the Potentials

We brought immense value to our clients by introducing them to the transformative capabilities of CGIs and 3D models. Our services focused on delivering clarity, CGI support, effective communication, and expert mentoring for their new residential development project.

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Innovative Residential Development

We excelled in the residential development project, achieving exceptional results in navigating regulations and construction challenges:
– Phase 01: Converted dental clinics into 3 modern flats, including 2 two-bedroom units and 1 semi-detached bungalow.
– Phase 02: Transformed a council building into 8 flats, comprising 7 two-bedroom units and 1 one-bedroom unit.
– Phase 03: Developed 6 contemporary townhouses for an enticing residential experience.

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