Detailed residential architectural plans with eco-friendly and innovative designs

Our residential projects are developed with a people-focused approach. At Windsor Patania, we believe that your home should be tailored to your needs and match your family’s culture and preferences.  We aim to transform your existing living space and build your dream home to enhance your lifestyle. Our goal is to surpass your expectations at every stage of the project.

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There’s a big difference between commercial and residential architects in terms of the scale and type of projects they undertake.


Commercial architecture is the practice of designing and building structures intended for use as commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail shops, and restaurants.


Residential architecture is the art of designing and building non-commercial properties for people to reside in. A residential architect is capable of designing any building falling into this classification, including:

  • Villas
  • Country houses
  • Apartment buildings


The goal of a residential architect is to fulfil the needs of the homeowner or future tenants of the home.

A residential architect will design and remodel your home considering your lifestyle, preferences and how you intend to use the space. The architect will oversee every stage of your residential construction project to ensure that the building team complies with your choices and design principles.

Costs will depend on the client’s needs and the scope of the residential architectural project.

We’re experts in transforming, remodelling and modernising private residences. Our team has experience in preserving historical properties whilst adding a modern and elegant touch.


We’ll discuss your vision to deliver an outstanding design proposal that improves the architectural quality of your family home. Our team will provide you with a detailed interior design plan to ensure you get the best value for money. We focus on aesthetics and functionality to ensure a pleasant and comfortable environment for our clients.


You can rest assured that we’ll maximise the benefits of your space and enlarge it to fulfil your family’s needs. At Winsor Patania, we strongly believe that well-thought and functional organisation of the space will allow our clients to enjoy daily routine and way of life.


Private residential conversions, home renovations and house extensions can be overwhelming for the homeowner. Our job is to solve your problems on various levels, such as planning, building control and construction. Therefore, we take care of the entire process so that you can relax, including administrative formalities and procedures. You can trust us to liaise and negotiate with the different suppliers.

The duration of the different phases of a residential architecture process depends on the characteristics, requirements, and challenges of the project. Our team will work diligently to complete the project in accordance with the established timeline.