Improving The Architectural Quality Of An Elegant Private Residence

Project Summary

It has been a while working on this project to deliver an outstanding design proposal that improves the architectural quality of the existing building.
We propose to demolish this 2 bedrooms bungalow and replace it with a new 2 story elegant private Residence with a contemporary look.
Demolishing an existing bungalow and replacing it with a new building is an excellent opportunity to create a self-build project to develop a brand-new house, from the exteriors to the interior design.
  • Location: 6 Chestnut Grove, Withernsea
  • Sector: Residential Conversion
  • Size: 165 sqft
  • Status: Planning Application
  • Architect: Windsorpatania Architects

Current Situation

Our client’s existing building is a small, detached bungalow with 2 bedrooms, currently used as a Family House.
The property is very well located in an area with easy access to the local public transport network. Includes a nice front yard with a parking space and a spacious rear garden with an outbuilding that serves the main building.
The spacious garden allows us to propose a beautiful landscape design that is one of our proposal’s most valuable assets.

Elegant Private Residence

It has been a while working on this project, and the planning application has finally been approved by the committee, who have decided the project is feasible.

This project is a family house, and our client wanted to convert it into an elegant private residence with a contemporary to respect the England tradition.

We work hard to have a nice view of the long back garden, creating large windows facing the project’s rear from the kitchen and dining area.

We aim to maximise the volume of the house. There was a lot of negotiation to get the additional 2 story building with a loft and a roof as a mansard.

Elegant Private Residence

We had to reshape the building removing part of the 1st floor not to block the view of the next property.

We also had to remove the balconies, which were the neighbour’s main concern about privacy.

A spacious living room outlooks the lovely front garden from a contemporary bay window on the ground floor. At the same time, an open-plan combined area receives light from the expansive windows.

The 1st floor has been designed to include the main bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, 2 single bedrooms with a balcony overlooking the rear garden, an en-suite, and a cosy home studio.

It will also be possible to access a small attic with storage space and a water tank from the first floor when necessary.

Before After Image4Elegant Private Residence

Elegant Private Residence

The proposal of a new detached family house over two storeys that will include:

  • Re-organisation of the front yard with two parking spaces
  • Installation of green areas on both sides of the plot
  • Provision of waste management
  • New design for the rear garden with a relaxation area
  • New external floorings and paths to reach the existing outbuilding
  • Enclosed bike storage located in the backyard
Before After Image2Chestnut Grove

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