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Let us be your partners in architectural transformation. We offer a spectrum of tailored services that cater to a variety of different commercial visions. Whether it’s an avant-garde office space, a sophisticated retail outlet, or a cultural landmark that echoes the past, our designs transcend the ordinary to create spaces that inspire awe.

We blend English Heritage with Italian Design. This comes through in every blueprint, every design, and every creation that emerges from our studio. Elevate your interior spaces with our meticulous interior design projects. From the grandeur of corporate lobbies to the intimate charm of boutique interiors, we infuse each inch with a touch of sophistication that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

At WindsorPatania, we believe that commercial architecture is not just about erecting structures. It’s an artful balance between tradition and modernity, aesthetics, and functionality. Our team’s ability to strike a chord between these elements, culminating in designs that resonate with a touch of timelessness, is what sets us apart.

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Following the Discovery Call, we’ll schedule a second meeting to review our Scope of Work and Fee Proposal together. This step ensures that the service we’ve crafted aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our plan before moving forward.


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Simplify your renovation journey with our hands-off design service. We will act as your lead consultant and manage your entire team during the overall duration of the project so you don’t have to.


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Unveil the fusion of legacy and vision, where commercial architecture narrates stories of the past while embracing the aspirations of the future. WindsorPatania beckons you to traverse a path of architectural innovation that leads to captivating, environmentally conscious, and uniquely tailored commercial spaces. Whether your horizons are within London’s vibrant embrace or extend beyond its borders, WindsorPatania is your gateway to exceptional commercial architecture.

Submit your project today to embark on a transformative journey that marries heritage and design, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and visions take shape in architectural brilliance. Experience the WindsorPatania difference and elevate your vision into a timeless reality.

Frequently asked questions about commercial architecture

Commercial architects are licensed professionals whose work consists of design and construction of commercial and non-commercial buildings and facilities such as retail shops, offices, factories, shops, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, or recreation facilities.

The Residential Architecture team works closely with homeowners to deliver complete solutions including construction, design, management, and construction. Commercial architects: Commercial architects target audience is typically large organizations who have built non-residential buildings.

Commercial architecture encompasses a broader spectrum of spaces beyond retail. While retail architecture specifically focuses on designing spaces for retail outlets, commercial architecture encompasses a wider range of structures. This includes office spaces, hospitality venues, cultural facilities, mixed-use developments, and more. Commercial architecture addresses the functional and aesthetic needs of various business-related spaces, making it a comprehensive field that goes beyond the scope of retail architecture. 

You can find out more about our retail architecture services here. 

Interior Design is an integral part of our offerings. We provide a diverse array of Interior Design services tailored to meet your precise requirements. To delve deeper into our offerings, visit our dedicated Interior Design Service pages.

Absolutely, our commercial architecture services include retrofitting solutions. We understand the value of breathing new life into existing structures. Our expertise extends to revitalizing commercial buildings, incorporating modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality while preserving the essence of the original design.

Our extensive experience means we have worked on a variety of projects in different commercial sectors. Discover them for yourself at Windsor Patania’s Projects

For example, WindsorPatania was entrusted by Eastern Colleges Group to conceive and execute the visionary Extended Reality Lab (XR Lab) project. This innovative educational space features an Immersion Lab, Collaboration Theatre, Green Room, and Conference Room. Designed to pioneer next generation teaching and learning in the East of England, the XR Lab integrates AI, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies, transforming education into an immersive journey.

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"Choosing WindsorPatania to handle the planning process for our development of 30 houses was the best decision we could have made. Giovanni and his team were highly professional, knowledgeable and efficient. As a business owner, I was impressed by their expertise in local regulations and their ability to manage the entire process so seamlessly. My business partners were equally pleased with the quick turnaround time for the planning application. Thanks to WindsorPatania, we can now begin the exciting process of bringing our development to life. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-quality design and project management team."

Peter Johnson — Real Estate Developer, Cambridge

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