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How can you make your property more Sustainable?

The concept of sustainability encompasses a range of topics, including energy consumption, carbon emissions, and the mental well-being of occupants through biophilic design and natural materials. Our Sustainability Appraisal service offers a comprehensive evaluation of strategies that can enhance the energy performance and rating of your property, as well as ideas to improve the property layout for a more natural and comfortable living space. The report includes a list of potential improvements covering these aspects.

How it works

Step 01. Book a Sustainability Appraisal
Select your preferred package and get in touch to book your report with us.

Step 02. Kick Off Meeting
Once you book your Sustainability Appraisal, we will invite you to schedule a kick-off meeting with our Architect to confirm your Project Brief, agree the report timeline, and explore some initial ideas for the scheme.

Step 03. Report Production
Our team will produce the report and keep you updated on the progress. See report deliverables here.


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What’s included in the report?

The deliverables depend on the type of report you choose. Generally, the Design Appraisal Report includes:

Existing Building Assessment: this section involves .

• SAP report: This section includes a review of the existing buildings or structures on the site and their suitability for redevelopment or preservation. The insights provided in this section are strictly based on the information available at the time of the report’s production.

• Proposed Energy Improvement Strategies: This step involves reviewing all relevant planning regulations, including any restrictions or conditions that may impact development, such as conservation areas, flood risk, and listed buildings.

• Biophilic Views and mental wellbeing: This

• Sustainable Materials: This

• Eco-Interiors : This



Sustainability Improvements Appraisal

We offer three Development Appraisal packages to provide a service tailored to your needs.


From £ 397 +VAT


  1. Kick-Off Meeting ( 1 hour )
  2. Sketch Plan ( 1 Scheme )
  3. Building Regulation Requirements
  4. Waste Management Plan
  5. Bikes Enclosure Plan


Delivered in 12-20 Working Days

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From £ 597 +VAT


  1. Everything In Basic
  2. Sketch Plan ( Additional Scheme )
  3. Public Transport Study
  4. Floor Risk Study
  5. Listed Building Study
  6. Conservation Area Study
  7. Planning Success Rate
  8. Design Appraisal Review Call ( 1 hour )


Delivered in 12-20 Working Days

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Price on application


  1. Everything in Regular
  2. Sketch 3D model
  3. High Level Cost Estimation
  4. Market Analysis & Comparables
  5. Rental Evaluation
  6. Screenshots from Rightmove
  7. GDV Estimate
  8. Consultants cost estimation


Delivery subject to project size

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Really grateful to Ryan & Giovanni for their help and guidance. This HMO Design Appraisal saved me thousands in fees and lending costs. Without the design study, I’d have proceeded with the property purchase and then realised I couldn’t get planning for a 3-7 Bed HMO Conversion.”

Amanda — HMO Investor, London

Eden House terrace patio with coffee table and large window doors, WindsorPatania Architects

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What is a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal?
The Development Appraisal generally includes a professional assessment of a property’s potential for development, known as a development appraisal. The purpose of this appraisal is to determine the feasibility of a proposed development scheme by examining various factors, such as planning and building regulations, architectural design and site constraints. For more information on what a development appraisal is, please refer to our blog article.

Why do I need a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal?
The Development Appraisal provides valuable information to help developers, investors, and stakeholders make informed decisions about the project’s viability and whether to proceed with the development. It saves time, helps avoid costly mistakes, assists with vendor negotiation, and supports pre-planning applications. Overall, it is an essential tool for anyone looking to develop property.

How much does a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal cost?
We offer three levels of Sustainability Improvements Appraisal, depending on the level of support you require. You can find the details of what is included in each package by referring to the relevant section on this page.

How long does a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal take?
A Sustainability Improvements Appraisal takes around 15 working days to produce depending on complexity. If you need it sooner you can request an expedited report for an extra fee to be agreed with WindsorPatania.

Do you visit the property to do a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal?
A Sustainability Improvements Appraisal does not include an on-site visit. It is a purely desktop research-based assessment that uses sophisticated tools and is designed to be quick and relatively affordable.

What do I need to start a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal?
To begin the process, all you need are the details of the land you are considering purchasing or have already purchased.

How do I book a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal?
In order to book a Sustainability Improvements Appraisal please submit your project details via clicking on the button below.

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